«Amid the black depths lies a land called Crete, beautiful and fertile, surrounded by the sea. ».

This is how Homer, eight centuries before Christ , described Crete , the largest of the Greek islands situated in the south end of Greece . Crete is a land of culture and beauty, a welcome territory, wild and sunny. Mycenaeans, Dorians, Minoans , Romans, Byzantines , Venetians and Turks have left their traces in Crete. Their imprint is reflected in the interior of the island such as in its coastline, architecture, ports, flavors and traditions. Cretans maintained a leisurely pace of life and genuine friendliness. You are invited to learn the virtues of the Mediterranean diet, the secret of longevity ...

How to reach Crete
Charter flights to Heraklion airport from Paris and other interantional cities.

Average temperature

Heraklion and its region

Héraklion is the main port of Crète, is the birthplace of the Minoan civilization as reflected in the fabulous palace of King Minos at Knossos .Torn between his modern city and old town, surrounded by thick walls sheltering buildings dated of all periods and protecting its Venetian harbor, Heraklion is the historical capital city of Crete. All around the coast recites the rosary beautiful beaches and lively resorts. Heraklion is surrounded by long coasts with animated beautiful beaches. 

Top attractions :

Chania & Western Crete

Chania: a charming town with its narrow paved streets, its folk art shops, traditional taverns , its old houses ... The waters of the Venetian port of amber and gold tint reinforcing the romance of the city. To the east lies the vast sandy beach of Georgioupolis and its resorts. To the west and south, a genuine and fertile region, made up of ports and peaceful villages, wild gorges, wooded valleys, long beaches and secret coves…

Top attractions :

Rethymnon & its region

One of the prettiest towns in Crete! Its old town contains architectural treasures, memories of Ottoman and Venetian periods, imbued with a strong Cretan identity. Around: beautiful sandy beaches, monasteries, rural landscapes and fishing villages, mixed typical flavors, traditional shops or fashionable, trendy bars and nightlife!

Top attractions :

Elounda & Agios Nikolaos

At the edge of the Mirabello Bay, on its scalloped coastline coves or large beaches, is Elounda, A small fishing port became fashionable resort without losing its charm, and Agios Nikolaos, the local Saint- Tropez with tasty taverns. Between an authentic and unspoilt hinterland, and the clear waters of the Aegean,
the term " good life " makes sense.

Top attractions :

Sitia, Ierapetra & Oriental Crete

The road which leads to the eastern end of the island offers panoramic views. You will adimire a beautiful and wild nature region. Magnificent beaches, Minoan ruins, authentic villages ... A region to discover, between the Aegean and the Libyan Seas.

Top Attractions:

Southern Crete

Between the majestic mountains and the Lybian Sea, the South Coast is a place of wild preserved nature where landforms and vegetation kept their rights, and change dramatically. At each stop, great beaches, picturesque villages and historical discoveries enrich your trip.

Top attractions :


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