The Cyclades islands

56 islands, as many trips

«Happy, I thought, the man who, before dying, has the chance to cross the Aegean Sea.» Nikos Kazantzakis.

At the heart of the islands of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades are the represent the image of the Greek islands: white houses with colored shutters, windmills, languid streets under the sun, beaches and monasteries... Their name comes from Kyklos (the circle) because they wrap around the sacred island of Delos, Apollo's sanctuary. The archipelago has 56 islands of all sizes, each offering its own charm and particular character: lively and cosmopolitan, peaceful, unspoilt and authentic. So many invitations to travel.

Average Tempertures

Born from the union of the sea and fire with its crowned pristine villages, Santorini is a romantic island's of unique beauty. Created by successive eruptions of the volcano, it offers a breathtaking panorama and magnificent sunsets. May the lovers come to the Caldera…. Area 176 km2, 69 km of...


The stone disappears under the lime that erases the sharp angles, rounds the steps, forms and alleys which cars have no access. Colorful boats lapping the tidal pebbles, extending the pavement cafes. Here you are at Mykonos town, the most “in” summer resort, with its wonderful beaches, with an...


Vast and fertile, Naxos is the granary of the Cyclades, chosen by Dionysus to grow vines there. Here's a peaceful destination, offering almost deserted beaches, authentic villages, unspoilt landscapes, and remains unknown. A monumental door called Portara overlooks Chora and the of Naxos welcoming...


The jewel of the Cyclades, Paros shines in pure marble used in sculpture of the most famous masterpieces of antiquity. It impresses with its immaculate streets, imposing and colorful churches, its red beaches, white or gold ... It is an island where the good life seems seems eternal. A paradise for...


Milos became famous by the discovery of the statue of Milos. Located between the mainland and Crete, is one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades, not so frequented by touristd. The entire island is a volcanic massif. You will swim in the clear waters… and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches...


Amorgos is a romantic destination mostly suitable for quiet and relaxed vacation without meaning there is no night life in the island. Amorgos is a mountainous island with amazing routes. Rocky coves with clear waters, beautiful traditional villages, and especially a visit to its monastery will...

The rest of The Cyclades islands

Each island of the Cyclades is a unique shiny destination by itself. Original such as Folegandros or accessible such is Andros, wrapped around the sacred sanctuary of Delos, these "small" Cyclades are less known but equally beautiful. Discover Ios, Homer's tomb the trendy destination of Greek...


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